• 4 girls were kidnapped in Russia

    Russia Astrakhan city 14 day occurred in bizarre kidnapping. An unidentified man kidnapped four women in a local fisheries school, oddly from kidnappings to save only less than 3 hours, while the suspect did not put forward any conditions and requirements, in addition to pizza and sprite.


    It is reported, the first is the release of the hostages, and then not long after the police rescued the remaining three hostages, and the arrest of the kidnappers, but more dramatic is the whole process all of the participants were not injured and safe and sound.


    Police said, the man has a accomplice, is a student of this school. The police are trying to ascertain this bizarre case.


    The number of hostages.


    It is reported, 14 noon news line began to receive various kidnappings number of contradictory information, first is two, then three, then is the teaching building has a total of five hostages kidnapped by unidentified people, later changed to two college students in four -, a teacher and a female security.


    The school has been around the block, from the police to the Counter-Terrorism Committee on behalf of all special departments have arrived at the scene. Astrakhan house administration personally command the action. The powerful department personnel and the man began to negotiate, during which he only asked to provide pizza and sprite.


    The release of the hostages


    The police meet the requirements of pizza and Sprite backwards, he released the hostages '. According to the release of the woman said, armed with guns, but she did not know whether it is genuine. In addition, the man carrying a claim to have the bomb box. After about half an hour, the Administration said, the remaining hostages have been rescued, the suspect has been arrested, all the hostages safe and sound, not hurt.


    His girlfriend and a toy gun


    The hostages, strong department personnel in the inspection of the scene said, bomb is false, criminal coerce hostage firearms is the toy gun ordinary. In addition, the police also said, he and his girlfriend had been arrested. Law enforcement agencies not disclosed the motives and causes the man to commit the crime. The investigation organ has a criminal case according to the criminal kidnapping clause.

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