• Autumn run dry to raise water spirit beauty

      When you find that your skin is dry and dull, don't think of it as a lack of skin care. The key to restoring beautiful skin is to keep your lungs dry in the fall.So how do women of different

    Autumn run dry to raise water spirit beauty

      ages build up their beautiful "capital" in the fall

      Autumn run dry to raise water spirit beauty

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      Dryness is the main air in autumn, moisture in the air in autumn is lack of moisture, and the drying climate often occurs, making people susceptible to autumn dryness.Dryness can injure the

      lungs, but the lung loses the moisture, can appear dry symptoms on the skin, if the skin dry, hair is boring.It also weakens the immune system and does not adapt to cold winters.In order to

      comply with the fall of preserve one's health, the emperor neijing says: "make peace, in order to slow autumn, convergence, make the autumn ping, no outside his will, make the lung qi qing,

      this should be of the autumn, also have closed."If do this time, return to clear and natural, can feel autumn oneself gentle and beautiful moist.

      20 year old girl: autumn is regular

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      The ancients said, the sun rises and the sun rises.It's about living with nature.The human body, also has certain rules operation.A twentysomething girl has the best physical condition, the

      best mental state, and the curiosity about everything, so it's often easy to lead to a dysfunctional lifestyle.But love to play you must remember this a few times: the best time is before 11 o

      'clock in the evening sleep gold, because 11 PM to 1 am is bravery of detoxification, liver detoxification time is 1 to 3 PM, 5 a.m. to 7 is the best time to detox body, this time to develop

      good bowel habits.A good life schedule not only lets 20-year-old girls have a good spirit every day of the fall, but a good schedule keeps you healthy all your life.

      Don't underestimate the importance of routine fall oh, adolescent girls due to the adjustment of the hypothalamus and pituitary function is not fully mature, fall if you don't pay attention to

      health, easy to cause function loss of tonal menstrual disorders, main show is clinically menstrual cycle or period length is differ, abnormal bleeding volume.

      When you are 25 years old, you need to eat more fiber to reduce the amount of blood fat, including cholesterol.Drink more than 2000 milliliters of water per day to keep your body in good shape.

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      30 year old woman: autumn wants shu pressure

      In autumn, a 30-year-old woman should pay special attention to keeping her spirits up. She should do her job well.In autumn, it is easy to feel lost, and the environment makes people sad. At

      this time, many women will experience a loss of energy, mood, emotional tension, slow movement and poor response."The huangdi neijing" said, "the heart of the heart is anxious, the lung cloth

      leaves, and the above, the camp guards are not scattered, the hot air is in the middle, so the qi is dissipated."So, autumn sadness, can damage the heart, heart and lungs are injured, reduce

      our immunity, how can you still be beautiful from head to toe

      Therefore, the most stressed 30-year-old woman, the most important health maintenance of autumn, is to relieve stress and have a positive attitude.One tip is to keep a daily record of what

      happens during the day, such as "I watered the flower today" and "went to see a play."It may seem like a small thing at the time, but it can help you find the good things in your

      life.Sometimes, the pressure is naturally released when the heart laughs.If you have a psychological crisis, it's hard to get away with it.By helping you gain confidence through professionals,

      you can keep your body and mind healthy.

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