• beneficial effects of ginseng and other drugs

    When gifts are given by relatives and friends, there will always be some herbal supplements, and many will adjust their bodies during the holiday. Here is to remind everybody, drink Chinese traditional medicine to pay attention to avoid mouth, otherwise will affect its curative effect.A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

    Chinese medicine should be complementary to white radishes. Ginseng is complemented, and radish is gas, gas, gas, and gas, if radish and ginseng eat at the same time, may weaken ginseng's tonic effect. Other supplements, such as western ginseng, ginseng, astragalus, ho shouwu, and deli, are similar to ginseng, which are not suitable for radish. Whether raw or cooked, radish has the function of the air, should be careful to avoid with the tonic.

    In addition, green beans with clear heat and detoxification will also "counteract" the beneficial effects of ginseng and other drugs.

    Stomach medicine "afraid" glutinous rice. Glutinous rice, meat, beans and other foods are not easy to digest, and people who are taking the spleen and stomach medicine should eat less, so as not to increase the stomach burden and affect the patient's recovery. Elderly people who have already lost their gastrointestinal function, if they eat more of these foods, can often lead to overweight.

    The hot medicine avoids the pepper. If you are taking radix et rhizoma rhei, rhizoma coptidis, radix scutellariae, such as their drugs, and cortex moutan, cortex phellodendri, flos lonicerae, radix platycodi, mulberry leaf, forsythia, such as cold medicine, should avoid to eat acrimony, excitant food, such as pepper, pepper, curry, alcohol, otherwise will weaken the heat cool blood type of the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).When you make your book hong kong hotel , Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong offers comprehensive professional service to you including high-speed FREE wifi. We encourage people contact their families and friends via social media when they are outside home.

    Don't eat mango for allergy. Nowadays, even in the northern winter, we can buy mango, litchi and other tropical fruits. Here to remind you that in addition to seafood, peanuts, mango, litchi, also belong to "hair content", taking treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma, dermatitis, traditional Chinese medicine, it is best not to eat this kind of food.

    Warm medicine is the most cold drink. Although the outdoor snow, but inside, heating, air conditioning has created a warm environment. Many people like to drink cold drinks during the winter. This may cause people's gastrointestinal problems to become empty unconsciously. Eating too much cold food can lower the temperature of the stomach, which is bad for digesting food.

    In addition, especially in the need to take the traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of warm nature, should avoid eating raw and cold melon fruit and cold food, otherwise the medicine will not be able to give full effect.

    According to the survey, the risk of stomach cancer is 1.3 times that of normal people, 1.5 times for angry food and 4.22 times for hot food. If these factors are synergistic, the relative risk of gastric cancer is higher. Why is it easy to cause stomach cancer when you have three meals? Congee can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer.

    The stomach is an organ that is used to adhering to the "schedule", and the secretion of the gastric juice is at the peak and trough of the physiological process in the day, so as to digest the food in time. Gastric acid and pepsin can eliminate the gastric mucosa and cause damage to gastric mucosa without food neutralization. Eat a meal, fill a meal, often do not eat breakfast, sometimes overeating, add the night car, the life is irregular, let the stomach cancer have the "good" soil 香港之最.

    Around for people who don't eat on time, should have some soda biscuit, instant oatmeal, such as snacks, is really too late to go to eat something to fill the belly, also against the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, don't let the stomach "idle". But this method can only be used as an occasional response, and if done in the long run, it can be as damaging to the stomach. People who like to smoke food should cut down on the frequency of their food and occasionally try it. The food should not be in direct contact with the fire when it is smoked, and the baking time should not be too long, and the baked parts should not be eaten at all, because the protein is already denatured. In addition, while eating barbecue, eat more vitamin rich fruits.

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