• he uncertainty is still there

    he uncertainty is still there, but it won't be the end of the world

    The author thinks, look from the market development of many years, real wood furniture and board type furniture who cannot replace who, it is a process of one with the other. No one can say for sure about the future development, after all, the variables still exist.

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    Nowadays, although a lot of board type enterprise begins to invest production solid wood furniture, this can explain the diversity of the product that the enterprise increased only, let consumer have more choice, as to future furniture market trend how, what someone says very hard is clear. But one thing is clear: regardless of future market development, the direction of brand, quality and consumer satisfaction will not change.

    From the perspective of enterprises, the future panel furniture can be innovated in the aspects of products, marketing and management, and go out of the development path of differentiation, and be fully developed based on the personalized needs of consumers, such as providing customized services and e-commerce, to fully tap the potential of the panel furniture industry.

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    So, the thin and thick profit of board type furniture, have inevitable connection with business sale, operation mode. Some manufacturers think the profit of board type furniture is low, spend a lot of capital to establish channel however, input-output ratio is too small, cost takes too long to recover. So board type furniture manufacturer is very rare existence consummates independent sale system, sale channel adopts affiliate or agent mode mostly. After the establishment of the independent marketing system, enterprises can save channel construction costs when placing goods, and the saved costs can give back to consumers on the one hand, and on the other hand can become the profit growth point of enterprises Cochrane review.

    From the market point of view, board type furniture has always been a popular furniture form on the market now, with high costs and low price on the market at present is still under pressure, the consumption demand of board type furniture in the industry and had a great doubt, if you want to better to change the status quo, through research and development products and promote the brand and change pattern and so on many kinds of ways to seek better change.

    This type of office Partition is somewhat similar to the portable partition. It gives you full enclosure such as the floor-to-ceiling partition. You can open the partition in a number of ways.

    Additional, look in a lot of personage inside course of study, on one side is board type furniture is faced with huge environmental protection pressure; On the other side is solid wood furniture is puzzled at material plant is in short supply, price rises, perhaps the constant change of market can be plate type and solid wood two big furniture camp bring brand-new opportunity and challenge. I believe that in this era of change, innovation and customer demand are the key to the long-term development of the two camps.


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