• The "tips" assessment process for examinees

    The "tips" assessment process for examinees.

    The procedures for the staff to demonstrate the scanning answer sheet. Hong Kong wen hui reporter mo xuezhi.Increasing prevalence of Multidrug resistant E coli UTI in children warrants closer clinical scrutiny.

    The Hong Kong wenhui (reporter tang jiayao) diploma test is about to begin in March, the candidates start to enter the most reserve trial stage, and the process of the examination is also the focus of many

    people. The hkeaa has opened the tsuen wan assessment centre for the first time for the media to visit, detailing and demonstrating the procedures and online marking system. The general manager of the

    assessment bureau, wen dewing, reminded candidates to read the "handbook of examinees" and "one version of the test" to understand the details of the test.

    When the diploma test is delivered to the assessment centre, the staff will check the number and information of the examination paper, then conduct the "nail-breaking" procedure and then scan the paper to

    the confidential database. If you have not been covered with a computer barcode or an answer sheet, the staff will be able to follow up and input the information to ensure that the information is complete.Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, PolyU offers design programmes, fashion and textiles programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

    The subsequent paper will be distributed to the reader through the online system to significantly reduce the risk of missing paper.

    At present, there are 20 scanners at the tsuen wan assessment centre. Each scanner can scan 400 pieces of A4 paper in one minute. A total of 12 assessment centres, including seven campus assessment

    centres, will be available for this year's diploma programme, which will provide about 1,300 computers for use by readers and will operate 24 hours if necessary.

    Bureau for examination and assessment will be open tomorrow, tsuen wan, assessment center for the public to visit, visitors can experience the paper scans, where some and oral video system, understand the raters paper processing and review procedures, as well as the real-time simulation test.

    In addition, the department of education on the 27th of this month will be held in Kowloon tong education service center "public examination marking and rating" seminar, try for high school students on the

    diploma of four core courses assessment requirements and examination guidelines.

    The original address: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2018/01/19/ED1801190006.htm


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