• Two of the world's two generation of immigrants

    The United States of America 's founding president George Washington's former residence of Vernon villa, located in northern Virginia, not far from the capital, Washington, is Washington tourism to be attractions.


    In 2011 the beginning of the day, in the coming and going of the tourists, a man stopped suddenly, my family members did not know, to the side before laughing, mixed with Spanish and english.


    The man is Rubio. At that time, just to the age of 40 in his Senate election horse like to win, to Washington, the Senate is currently the only Hispanic republicans.


    " My first thought in the brain is, I and my family and those who live here, those who founded the American men, women are so different. " Rubio introduced in 2012 June autobiography " son " of the United States of America recalled trance scene, " I often feel that they live in two worlds. "


    At that moment, Rubio may also think of the father from Cuba to the United States for half a century ago. His father died during his run for the Senate, can't see your sworn in on Capitol Hill. " I am a son of the exile. " This is Rubio on the campaign trail repeatedly stressed.


    Place of birth, father of the land of his birth, is indeed the two worlds. In 1956, Mario Rubio with his wife Aulia Les and the first child to the United States of Miami Florida, although it has also repeatedly returned to Cuba, eventually returned to the United States of america. In Castro in the Cuban regime, they don't want to make him, settle down in the United States, and became an American citizen. In 1971, their third children, Marco was born.


    If you have been to Miami area, must be very hard to ignore this rich " Latin American style ", the street can be seen everywhere in English and Spanish bilingual signs in Spanish, life here in the smooth operator. A city simply called " Little Havana ", gathered from the Cuban immigrants. Sitting in the " Little Havana " of the park, looking at the dark skin of the elderly and the local " mahjong ", I feel that part of Havana.


    It gives Rubio to exist among the blood of Cuba is one of the few to understand. He did not personally visited Cuba, just a few years ago with the Google map with parents in the online " revisit " an old haunt.


    Like all immigrants, Mario and his wife, hard work, thrifty, only for the few children are sent to an institution of higher learning, hope they really into American society. One family had successively in Miami, Las Vegas, two people of connubial stem mostly hotel waiter, waiter, a large number of Hispanic immigrants are still in the job.


    But the wife Oriya rice is very happy, when his young family of nine squeezed to sleep in the same room dirty on the ground, her children to live in a house than the floor; his childhood can only hold by the coke bottle into a "baby ", her daughters to grow up hold true rag doll.


    Rubio recalls, his father a red Chevrolet car is twenty years old, a Seiko watch to wear that day by others in the world, gold-plated for years on the dial plate before it has been polished. Until Rubio graduated from law school and find a lawyer, the old man was assured retirement.


    Compared with the father, Rubio young and grandpa also immigrated to the United States to spend, the impact seems deeper character. Before coming to the United States, Grandpa worked in Cuba cigar factory, for those who are skilled and busy cigarette industry and read the story, was active, witty conversation.


    A member of the Rubio is now recognized as a political star in gift for oratory and provocative, this gift may be inherited from grandpa. Came to the United States, not meet grandpa did not seem to experience any idea, immediately to President Reagan and the ruling idea of the fans, also on American supremacy believe firmly. There is influence character by environment effects of these growth period of Rubio.


    Identity confusion seems to be a topic for most of the two generation of immigrants have to face. Rubio said, until the beginning of the 1998 stations in Miami District Street, he finally found out who he really is -- " I is the two generation did not realize their dreams of people 's successor, I am their story. "


    That year, he ran for the Florida members of Parliament, began writing a new chapter in your story. Just five years later, he became the first Hispanic Florida House of Representatives speaker. The next three years, is also in 2010, he was something the party veteran, become the Florida senator, formally on the national political stage. Four years ago, he may be able to write more parents never envisaged " ".


    But one cannot deny that, in this day and age structure of population the United States society experienced a major adjustment, from the parents of Latino identity, has become Rubio 's most important political capital.

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